Packaging Tapes

PP and Vinyl packaging/parcel tapes

ATLAS for Industry, hold stock of Buff & Clear packaging tape in both vinyl & polypropylene.  Normal size is 48mm x 66mts with 36 rolls per box.

We carry some of 48mm x 150mts on 50mm cores in both buff & clear.  Machine tape is all 48mm x 990mts size and in clear / transparent.  Coloured box tapes are available in Blue / Red / Green and Yellow.  Vinyl tape is stocked in buff / clear / red / blue & green, in standard 48 x 66 rolls.  Adhesive is mostly Hot-Melt, but acrylic is also available in PP.  All vinyl has solvent adhesive.

Both Vinyl and Poly are available in printed versions available to order, with normal lead times of 10 days.  Bespoke tape is available as one colour / two colours or three colours. (Four colours is available from our European Supplier) Competitively priced tape dispensers are stocked for 2” & 3” tapes.