Packaging Tapes

PP and Vinyl packaging/parcel tapes

ATLAS for Industry, hold stock of Buff & Clear packaging tape in both vinyl & polypropylene.  Normal size is 48mm x 66mts with 36 rolls per box.

We carry some of 48mm x 150mts on 50mm cores in both buff & clear.  Machine tape is all 48mm x 990mts size and in clear / transparent.  Coloured box tapes are available in Blue / Red / Green and Yellow.  Vinyl tape is stocked in buff / clear / red / blue & green, in standard 48 x 66 rolls.  Adhesive is mostly Hot-Melt, but acrylic is also available in PP.  All vinyl has solvent adhesive.

Both Vinyl and Poly are available in printed versions available to order, with normal lead times of 10 days.  Bespoke tape is available as one colour / two colours or three colours. (Four colours is available from our European Supplier)  Competitively priced tape dispensers are stocked for 2” & 3” tapes.


The first tapes ever available were paper tapes, widely desirable because of their excellent strength and adhesion properties. Over time, popularity came to favour plastic tapes but as recycling becomes more important, paper tapes are now enjoying something of a revival. Their excellent properties remain unchanged, and they are a highly desirable product.

We supply a wide range of widths and lengths, and they can be printed if desired or reinforced with glass fibre stands.  

These eco-friendly tapes are fully recyclable, offering zero contamination to your waste disposal and removing the need to peel off plastic tapes before recycling.


Paper tape with a water reactive adhesive, available in plain buff or printed – used by the UK’S biggest on line business.  This tape is tamper evident as standard.


A product with as many uses as names! (eg. Duct tape, gaffa tape or tank tape) Usually black or silver, available in other colours to order.  A large range of widths from 12mm-100mm.   More popular sizes such as 50mm are a stock item


Reinforced tapes offer superior strength, being reinforced in one or two directions (depending on the requirement) with glass fibre. It is ideal for securing heavy items.  

ATLAS for industry carries stock of 12mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm in 50 metre rolls.


ATLAS supply protection tape for many industries.  It is used primarily on aluminium, PVC and composite profiles, it can be easily removed leaving no residue once the item e.g. door or window has been installed and ready for use. It helps protect from scuffs and marks during, manufacturing, transport and installation.  

Available in a large range of pre cut sizes or in 1 metre logs in which you can cut to required size.