Strapping is the process used to bundle, combine or fasten an item or many items together using a flat flexible band made from steel or various plastics. This process is also referred to as bundling or banding and is commonly used in box sealing application. The ends are joined once the strap is tensioned using either a power-based friction weld or via buckles and seals with hand tools. The different strapping materials come in many widths, lengths and breaking strains.  Some come on either cardboard or plastic cores. See below our different types of strapping available:


Plastic strapping has become more popular in recent years due to new materials increasing product breaking strains. Plastic Strapping is economical and easy to work with, making it a practical option for many industries.

Popular for many types of loads, plastic strapping is moisture and UV resistant, which eliminates the risk of rust and has great elongation recovery, making it ideal for long transit journeys. The soft edges of plastic polyester strapping allow it to fit smoothly around irregularly shaped packages keeping even the most awkward of loads secure. If your load is fragile, and prone to devaluation if scratched, polyester strapping is recommended for the welfare and safety of your item.

Plastic strapping comes in a range of widths, lengths, colours and breaking strains.


Made from polyester, cord strapping is exceptionally strong and often preferred to steel strapping as it is much safer. It is secured with metal buckles using a special hand tool.  ATLAS for Industry carries stock of 9mm, 12mm and 16mm wide strapping in a choice of lengths.  9mm is commonly used as bale strap in compacting machines.
A Buckle is used for fastening cord strap.


Steel is the strongest material that is used in the packaging industry. It’s used for heavy duty wrapping and packaging and is best used where no stretch is required. Steel strapping is ideal for industrial use, such as securing heavy items with sharp angles. Steel banding remains extremely popular as no other material holds strong loads as effectively.


Some meat and poultry factories use Printed Strapping as a means of identifying the processing facility. Normally Blue or White strap is used & printed with black or dark coloured ink.

Once you have the right strapping strategy in place and your business is using either, Plastic or steel strapping we can supply you with the correct tools.  If your business is using the correct tools when applying strapping it will save your employees time and make your business much more productive. Our tools and accessories are not only easy to use but are suitable for light to heavy duty packaging.


The tighter the strap is tensioned, the more secure your pallet or load will be. Use tensioners to ensure the strap is secured tightly around the load when storing goods or sending them in transit.


Sealers are used to secure a seal on the strapping after the operator tensions the strap using a tensioner. Ideal for use with standard seals and heavy-duty seals.


Strapping starter kits are also available. This includes:

  • 1 roll of 12mm x 1500mtr black plastic strapping (0.7mm thick)
  • A dispensing trolley with bucket
  • Box of seals
  • Sealer
  • Tensioner.