Coloured Labels

Regardless of the material you are using, labels can be floodcoated / stained to transform them into colourful, easily recognised markers.  These coloured labels are commonly used in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing.
For example, it would be easy to identify a product manufactured on a Monday because it has had blue label applied to it, whilst Tuesday has a green label.

Our library of colours are never ending - we can match to any swatch sample or you can simply pick from a large range of pantone colours

Fluorescent Colours

If you need a label that will catch attention and turn heads, this material offers extremely high visibility. Often used for important messages such as warning labels, each of the five colours give a splash of colour that can’t be missed. Available in red, yellow, green, pink, and orange.


Metallic label printing is perfect if you require labels with a shiny metal finish to add an extra touch of luxury to any item.

Clear Labels

We can also produce clear labels.  These labels are preferred for the 'no label look'.  We can also print on top and reverse of a clear label.