Plain Labels

We produce premium quality plain labels for a wide variety of applications in countless industries. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of plain labels and stickers ATLAS has an extensive knowledge of a huge range of labelling solutions, in particular their compatibility with thermal transfer printers.

With a library of over 2,000 different cutter shapes and sizes, we can create labels with the appropriate shape, size, material and adhesive for your plain label application. We endeavour to supply materials that are FSC certified.

If you are new to printing, we can supply you the labels, printer and thermal transfer ribbon as a package and guide you through the whole process -from advice on the best printer, to installing and setting up your label formats ready for printing. It doesn’t end there; we offer telephone support and a visit from an engineer if required.

What does FSC certification mean?

The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council is an organisation that overlooks forestry and production processes to ensure sustainable production of wood or wood-derived products such as paper and card. It’s vitally important that products made from these materials are managed in the best possible way to protect people, wildlife and the environment from bad management practices. There are three grades of FSC Products. FSC100%, FSC recycled and FSC mix.